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Multi Function Scraper
Multi Function Scraper: Roler cleaner Spreader Clean out cracks Set drywall nails Nail puller..
£0.00 £12.32
Ex Tax: £12.32

Pinkgrip used for adhesive purposes...
£0.00 £9.71
Ex Tax: £9.71

Pocket Rocket
Pocket Rocket penetrating fluid...
£0.00 £3.99
Ex Tax: £3.99

Polishing Wheel Kit
Wheels and soap for polishing purposes. Complete set from cleaning to polishing of stainless steel/A..
£24.99 £24.99
Ex Tax: £24.99

Safety Glasses
Draper safety glasses...
£0.00 £11.28
Ex Tax: £11.28

Small Wire Brush
Small Wire Brush for cleaning stainless steel....
£0.00 £7.56
Ex Tax: £7.56